Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A few more pics...

I'm taking the time to take some of the pictures out of my camera's card, to add in here as a way to show just what I've been up to lately. Of course, that's when life is good. When I start taking lots of pics it tells me I'm ok. My creative mind runs loose and I capture some decent stuff. When the camera hardly gets used at all, it tells me that life is just getting too darned complicated for this ol' bushman to handle properly anymore.

A campfire or cooking fire has ALWAYS drawn me to the forests and streams, where me and nature meet. I do believe that hanging your hammocks out in the woods with a best bud, just has to rank right up there with some of the very best stuff in life. I do indeed LOVE my hammock and would recommend anyone, to look into getting one. They even "fix" sore backs. I know that from my own experience too.

So anyway, here's a peek at a few of the things I've enjoyed this past spring and summer.

Take a look at http://www.hammockforums.net/ when you get a moment to meet lots of folks that know all there is to know about Hang'n! :)
What to write about to-day? That's never been a problem with me. What the problem for me seems to be at least lately, is finding the time and or the inspiration to sit down and share my thoughts with y'all. I find that my mind has to be in sort of a happy state, relaxed and feeling safe, in order to let the creative writing juices flow. As of the last little while, I have not much been in that state, due to many outside forces. I've been letting things get me down and that is not the normal me. Normally I'm pretty jacked about being alive and little stuff like going for a tour on my old beat up mountain bike, turns me on and brings a smile to my face. The mind is such an amazing place. Without a good mind, the body becomes more of a burden. We have to steer that body to do the things we enjoy more. A sharp mind steers like a sailboat in the wind whereas a duller one, works like a one armed guy in a row boat kind of.

Here's a picture that brightened up my last week-end, camping up in the Calabogie area with my close friend Mark. We hung our hammocks by the shore of a lake and stepped back in time to a non pressure filled place. Nice landing job with that fatty Large Mouth Bass there buddy Mark. Looked like it was going to win the battle with the shoreline branches,for a minute or two there. :)