Friday, 14 December 2012

Another picture posting ...

So here we go again, well, sort of anyways. :)

 A few pics of some happenings in my life lately. Hope you like them.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


So I had to share this humorous blog post from an excellent blog, which I recently discovered while checking into my own roots. Brought a good smile to my face, hopefully it will bring one to your too. :) lb


Monday, 1 October 2012


Just a few more pics tonight that I just pulled off my little 2mg card out of this neat little digital pocket camera I always have with me. What a Jim dandy unit this E30 turns out to be after almost 3 years of faithful service and great results, under many not always nice, outdoorsy conditions.  :)

These pictures are more or less all Ottawa views, taken from different vantage points, and angles are sought sometimes to complete a picture. I sometimes like this kind of shoot, where I mosey around with both brown peepers wide open, on the hunt for a few of the coolest angles in the city...

Hope you enjoy your little tour of the Nation's Capital here, a little drum roll please. lol

Where downtown meets uptown and vice-versa and stuff. That's right folks, it's the world famous Chateau Laurier, right there on the old main drag of uptown/downtown Ottawa.

Now we're out at what used to be called the Cattle Barn, back in the day. Thanks to our forefathers for creating such an awesome structure so long ago to withstand the hands of time till past the year 2010...

Oh wow, we've slipped into the commerce zone down here at Slater & Metcalfe where all the shiny buildings reside and a Timmy's lives on every second or third block or so...

Holly Molly, I think they're going to have to change the name of this one to, Mirror Street. Hehe.

Man, this glittery, flashy, mirror stuff seems to really have hit the Building Fashion World large. Everybody's into it. Go A! :)

Off to the avenues now, where the down slope behind homes and properties, back onto parks and ponds, alive with birds and trees, lots of squirrels and also friendly people reside still...

And last but not least, as I head west and home for the day, this neat older structure catches my wandering eye. How beautifully it blends in with it's environment It sits up in the Central Experimental Farm and doesn't look like it gets a lot of use much anymore?

There, hope you dug the tour.



Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A few more pics...

I'm taking the time to take some of the pictures out of my camera's card, to add in here as a way to show just what I've been up to lately. Of course, that's when life is good. When I start taking lots of pics it tells me I'm ok. My creative mind runs loose and I capture some decent stuff. When the camera hardly gets used at all, it tells me that life is just getting too darned complicated for this ol' bushman to handle properly anymore.

A campfire or cooking fire has ALWAYS drawn me to the forests and streams, where me and nature meet. I do believe that hanging your hammocks out in the woods with a best bud, just has to rank right up there with some of the very best stuff in life. I do indeed LOVE my hammock and would recommend anyone, to look into getting one. They even "fix" sore backs. I know that from my own experience too.

So anyway, here's a peek at a few of the things I've enjoyed this past spring and summer.

Take a look at when you get a moment to meet lots of folks that know all there is to know about Hang'n! :)
What to write about to-day? That's never been a problem with me. What the problem for me seems to be at least lately, is finding the time and or the inspiration to sit down and share my thoughts with y'all. I find that my mind has to be in sort of a happy state, relaxed and feeling safe, in order to let the creative writing juices flow. As of the last little while, I have not much been in that state, due to many outside forces. I've been letting things get me down and that is not the normal me. Normally I'm pretty jacked about being alive and little stuff like going for a tour on my old beat up mountain bike, turns me on and brings a smile to my face. The mind is such an amazing place. Without a good mind, the body becomes more of a burden. We have to steer that body to do the things we enjoy more. A sharp mind steers like a sailboat in the wind whereas a duller one, works like a one armed guy in a row boat kind of.

Here's a picture that brightened up my last week-end, camping up in the Calabogie area with my close friend Mark. We hung our hammocks by the shore of a lake and stepped back in time to a non pressure filled place. Nice landing job with that fatty Large Mouth Bass there buddy Mark. Looked like it was going to win the battle with the shoreline branches,for a minute or two there. :)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

So, I thought I'd show you a few people I've known, as I have indeed been "lucky" to have come in contact with these fine people over the years and feel that I owe them all a little tribute here on my newest low-key weblog.

Here's a shot I took way back in the eighties, of a fine pair of Biking Photographer ladies.  Out for a Motorcycle tour we were, of the beautiful Calabogie area and beyond...

This one shows DaveB with his cool 750 Beemer, MikeM with his racy 5 and half Kawasaki and Dawn, on my 650 Yammy Special. Backdrop here was an old farmstead way back in the boonies that we explored a little off the bikes.

Under the bridge, test'n the waters of the mighty Mississippi River, biking/fishing buddy MikeM, adventure seeker getting real with it... Go Mikey!

Pictures bring back so many memories of our pasts, who we were then, what was in our minds and who we loved to be around, for instance.

Do you have some pictures around somewhere that you haven't looked at for awhile? Dig them out and spend some time seeing once more, where you were and with who, doing what. Could be a pretty fun evening and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and perhaps a laugh or two even.

Enjoy those real times from those pictures from your past again folks. Don't be shy, ok?  :)

Till we meet again,


Saturday, 11 August 2012

So it seems that I've lost all my other blogs here on Blogger. From what I can gather, it has to do with not having a cell phone that they can send some verification code to. I tried to find a link to a support place to see if we could rectify this, to no avail. Now, being pretty depressed about the whole thing, I'm trying to start another one to-day to see if it will work and stay available for me. What I'd now like to know is, what has Google done with all those hours I've spent on blogging in the past to build my blogs and readership? I'm guessing that I don't have any rights to all that material, including tons of pictures and hours and hours of typing. Google keeps or destroys it all perhaps, even though I trusted them to keep things going the way they started out with me being the owner of those blogs.

Like I said, I'm quite depressed about this and have lost tons of respect for Google after being a big promoter of their services for a number of years now. Almost too depressed to bother trying to start over. So much has been lost. Are they going to pull that on me again, once I get this one up to fifty thousand words or something?

If anyone out there knows how to possibly remedy my situation, I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime I wanted to add a few pictures in this new blog to dress it up a little. As anyone who knows me knows, I'm into Outdoorsy stuff in a big way, so here are some examples of stuff I like to shoot and share.

Hope you enjoy them...

After many years of overnight camping, I've found that this way is the ONLY way to go these days. Hammocks are totally awesome! No more sleeping on the ground for this ol' boy. Hanging, as Hammock folks refer to it, is just as comfortable as camping gets and you also get to stay dry in bad weather, which is a really big bonus. :)

Nature has always attracted me in it's many beautiful ways. Things as simple as this little Monarch Butterfly never fail to put a smile on my face.

My long time close friend Mark and I love to get out and use our metal detectors looking for cool old stuff. Here he is scoping out an old country school yard.

This little fella had just jumped or fell out of it's nest and was calling for it's mom from my bike tire. What a cutie eh. I sure hope momma Chickadee reclaimed her lost little offspring before any local cats homed in on it.

Like I said above, I LOVE sleeping in a hammock! Now I ask you, does this look cozy or what?

Last but not least, I just had to share this picture of a nice Walleye because fishing is indeed one of the biggest reasons I spend so much time in the outdoor world.

Well anyway, that's it for to-day. I sure hope Google let's me back in here to this blog again without having to jump through any new crazy hoops, so that I can continue sharing my outdoorsy stuff with the world.

All the best to you and yours in the outdoors!