Saturday, 11 August 2012

So it seems that I've lost all my other blogs here on Blogger. From what I can gather, it has to do with not having a cell phone that they can send some verification code to. I tried to find a link to a support place to see if we could rectify this, to no avail. Now, being pretty depressed about the whole thing, I'm trying to start another one to-day to see if it will work and stay available for me. What I'd now like to know is, what has Google done with all those hours I've spent on blogging in the past to build my blogs and readership? I'm guessing that I don't have any rights to all that material, including tons of pictures and hours and hours of typing. Google keeps or destroys it all perhaps, even though I trusted them to keep things going the way they started out with me being the owner of those blogs.

Like I said, I'm quite depressed about this and have lost tons of respect for Google after being a big promoter of their services for a number of years now. Almost too depressed to bother trying to start over. So much has been lost. Are they going to pull that on me again, once I get this one up to fifty thousand words or something?

If anyone out there knows how to possibly remedy my situation, I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime I wanted to add a few pictures in this new blog to dress it up a little. As anyone who knows me knows, I'm into Outdoorsy stuff in a big way, so here are some examples of stuff I like to shoot and share.

Hope you enjoy them...

After many years of overnight camping, I've found that this way is the ONLY way to go these days. Hammocks are totally awesome! No more sleeping on the ground for this ol' boy. Hanging, as Hammock folks refer to it, is just as comfortable as camping gets and you also get to stay dry in bad weather, which is a really big bonus. :)

Nature has always attracted me in it's many beautiful ways. Things as simple as this little Monarch Butterfly never fail to put a smile on my face.

My long time close friend Mark and I love to get out and use our metal detectors looking for cool old stuff. Here he is scoping out an old country school yard.

This little fella had just jumped or fell out of it's nest and was calling for it's mom from my bike tire. What a cutie eh. I sure hope momma Chickadee reclaimed her lost little offspring before any local cats homed in on it.

Like I said above, I LOVE sleeping in a hammock! Now I ask you, does this look cozy or what?

Last but not least, I just had to share this picture of a nice Walleye because fishing is indeed one of the biggest reasons I spend so much time in the outdoor world.

Well anyway, that's it for to-day. I sure hope Google let's me back in here to this blog again without having to jump through any new crazy hoops, so that I can continue sharing my outdoorsy stuff with the world.

All the best to you and yours in the outdoors!



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  1. So I've done more research and it seems that my old blogs are not all lost after all. Wheew. :) I'm rounding them up one by one and will post links in here when I get them all corralled.

    Google has indeed changed something like from dot com to dot ca on those blogs so maybe that's all it was. However, like I said, I'm still checking into those tombs of lb outdoors blogs past and will hook you up with them in here, when it's all straightened out. Peace! LarryB