Monday, 1 October 2012


Just a few more pics tonight that I just pulled off my little 2mg card out of this neat little digital pocket camera I always have with me. What a Jim dandy unit this E30 turns out to be after almost 3 years of faithful service and great results, under many not always nice, outdoorsy conditions.  :)

These pictures are more or less all Ottawa views, taken from different vantage points, and angles are sought sometimes to complete a picture. I sometimes like this kind of shoot, where I mosey around with both brown peepers wide open, on the hunt for a few of the coolest angles in the city...

Hope you enjoy your little tour of the Nation's Capital here, a little drum roll please. lol

Where downtown meets uptown and vice-versa and stuff. That's right folks, it's the world famous Chateau Laurier, right there on the old main drag of uptown/downtown Ottawa.

Now we're out at what used to be called the Cattle Barn, back in the day. Thanks to our forefathers for creating such an awesome structure so long ago to withstand the hands of time till past the year 2010...

Oh wow, we've slipped into the commerce zone down here at Slater & Metcalfe where all the shiny buildings reside and a Timmy's lives on every second or third block or so...

Holly Molly, I think they're going to have to change the name of this one to, Mirror Street. Hehe.

Man, this glittery, flashy, mirror stuff seems to really have hit the Building Fashion World large. Everybody's into it. Go A! :)

Off to the avenues now, where the down slope behind homes and properties, back onto parks and ponds, alive with birds and trees, lots of squirrels and also friendly people reside still...

And last but not least, as I head west and home for the day, this neat older structure catches my wandering eye. How beautifully it blends in with it's environment It sits up in the Central Experimental Farm and doesn't look like it gets a lot of use much anymore?

There, hope you dug the tour.



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